William 'Bill' H. Labar - B-Co - 318th Infantry Regiment - 80th Infantry Division

Proud to be able to assist Suzanne Ryan Galen (and Ralph Peeters), with research for Bill Labar's upcoming trip (09/2015) back to the former ETO.

Starting out with nothing more than his name, regiment (318th Infantry Regiment) and company (Baker Company), we just dove into the reports.
The first mention of his name is in the September 1944 Morning Report for B-Company, 318th IR: Private William H. Labar has joined B/318 on
the 29th of September 1944, near Landremont, France. Bill and three other Enlisted Men came in via 38th Replacement Battalion (at APO 312).
His assigned serial number: 33613475, his MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) code: 745, which is 'Rifleman'. Bill was a private at the time.

Bill Labar didn't stay a private for long, once with the Blue Ridge Division. Within two weeks he was appointed Private First Class!

PRT - The 80th Infantry Division in WWII