ND421: Shot down over Texel

A small fraction of Texel WWII history. Crewmembers of the ND421, buried at the Commonwealth War Cemetery at Den Burg.

PA474: Lucky Escape

Days after the Texel fly-by news broke that PA474 blew an engine during an UK test flight. It was so fortunate that this hadn't happened over The Netherlands or North Sea!

FM213: The Canadian Lancaster

We hope the PA474 will be repaired, and 'up there'. As for now, the Canadian Lancaster is the only airworthy Lancaster left. (Pictured below - courtesy of Peter Kuntz).

PRT - Commemorative Fly-By 1945-2015 - AVRO Lancaster KC-A 'Thumper III' (PA474 - City of Lincoln) - Texel Airport, The Netherlands