The first Canadian Troops arrived on Texel on May 20th, 1945. Landingcrafts were used to get the German troops of the Frysian Islands, mostly to Den Helder or Harlingen.


Below: 70 years ago Troops of the 6th Fallschirmjäger-Division, who had surrendered to the Canadians, marched to Den Helder from Alkmaar, to be shipped to Germany.


Exactly 70 years later the Dutch Royal Marines assist with the Den Helder - Texel crossing of the 'Liberation Force', by deploying two of their modern landingships.



Jeeps, Motorcycles, Halftracks, Scout Cars, Trucks and Heavy Armored Vehicles are debarking on Texel Island once again...


Crowds on the beach and along the route...


An emotional moment when a man, donning a vintage Dutch Helmet (painted with flags of the Netherlands, US, UK and the Dutch Lion), applauded the Tour participants!


Two rare Norton Big Four Motorcycle outfits with SWD (Sidecar Wheel Drive) - Texel Island - May 2015

PRT - Michel Clements © - Texel Liberation Tour 2015 - Texel, The Netherlands