Rhenen Dutch War Cemetery 'Ereveld Grebbeberg'. Check out the full report here.

Visiting the Town of Rhenen and a short stop at Castle Doorwerth and the northern low fields leading up to the Neder Rhine River.

Airborne Battle Wheels Oosterbeek (AWBO), Annual Field Camp. The purists, the originals.

Oosterbeek - Hartenstein Airborne Museum and Monuments - British & Polish Market Garden Veterans

Fantastic stories of this Polish veteran. Parachutist during training: 'Sarge, what if my parachute fails?' Sarge: 'Well son, you just pick up a new parachute, and go up again!'

Oosterbeek British Cemetery (Full report will be online later)

Oosterbeek Civilian Cemetery next to British War Cemetery

On this cemetery you'll notice many civilians casualties of WWII (September 1944). There are also nine British Air Men buried among the civilians.

Oosterbeek Air Despatch Memorial, and the field beyond...

'The Island' Dike road - Elden to Heteren

Westerbouwing as seen from the South side of the Neder Rhine River. And a delegation of British Airborne Bicyclists...

"Say Ton, old Chap! THAT looks like a Dakota, over the bridge..."

"You don't think their gonna jump?" "Well, the plane is.." Car brakes, screetching, smoke, attaching a 300mm lens to the camera in full sprint. 1st stick! That's 'Drag Em Oot'!

One out... two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Seven and nine seem to have a different color of chute...

Now, that's what the people in Driel, Heteren and Randwijk saw, on September 17th 1944. Only there were hundreds of planes, then, over the other side of the river.

Nine jumpers descending (Pathfinder UK). HALO jumper with flags and smoke (Ian Marshall), followed by a low pass fly-by of that magnificent War Bird!

More clouds coming in. Yet 'Drag Em Oot' delivered again. We move on to Randwijk to visit the monument to all fallen at the 'Crossroads', before turning back to Heteren.

Lest we ever Forget the fallen Liberators and civilian casualties of WWII.

Donald van den Bogert & Ton Aalders - September 2013 Photo Report: Rhenen - Doorwerth - Oosterbeek - The Island