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Constituted: 23 July 1918 in the National Army as HQ 101st Division
Organized: 2 November 1918 at Camp Shelby, Mississippi: HQ 101st Division
Demobilized: 11 December 1918 at Camp Shelby, Mississippi: HQ 101st Division
Reconstituted: 24 June 1921 in the Organized Reserves: HQ 101st Division
Organized: 10 September 1921 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin: HQ 101st Division
Redesignated: 31 March 1942 as Division Headquarters, 101st Division
Disbanded: 15 August 1942 (directly reconstituted HQ 101st Airborne Division)


Division Insignia: white eagle's head with a gold beak on a black shield. The design is based on an American Civil War tradition.
The black shield recalls the "Iron Brigade", one of the forerunners of the 101st Division. One regiment of the brigade possessed the
famous eagle, "Old Abe" , pictured on the shield, who through 36 battles as a fierce, screaming mascot (wounded 2x). The 101st
division was activated in 1942. The word "Airborne" in gold was placed on a crescent-shaped black tab and added to the insignia.

Activated: 15 August 1942 at Camp Claiborne, Louisiana
Overseas: 5 September 1943 -shipped to the ETO (UK)-
Campaigns: Normandy, Central Europe, Ardennes, Rhineland
Days of combat: 214 (European Theater of Operations
POW's taken by 101st AB Div: around 30.000
Distinguished Unit Citations: 13 Citations

Awards include:
Medal of Honor: 2
Legion of Merit: 12
Distinguished Service Cross: 50+
Silver Star: 500+
Bronze Star: Medals 7.000+

Screaming Eagle Commanders (1942 - 1948):

Maj. Gen. William C. Lee (5 August 1942 - February 1944)
Acting Commander : Brigadier General Don F. Pratt (February 1944 - March 1944)
General Maxwell D. Taylor (March 1944 - 4 December 1944),
Acting Commander : Brigadier General Anthony C. McAuliffe (5 December 1944 - 26 December 1944),
General Maxwell D. Taylor (27 December 1944 - September 1945),
Brig. Gen. William M. Gillmore (September 1945),
Brig. Gen. Gerald St. C. Mickle (September 1945),
Brig. Gen. Stuart Cutler (October to inactivation).
Inactivated: 30 November 1945 in Europe.
Reactivated: 6 July 1948

Screaming Eagle Commanders (1948 - Present):

Maj. Gen. William R. Schmidt (July 48 - May 49)
Maj. Gen. Cornelius E. Ryan (August 50 - May 51)
Maj. Gen. Roy E. Porter (May 51 - May 53)
Maj. Gen. Paul DeWitt Adams (May 53 - December 53)
Maj. Gen. Riley F. Ennis May (54 - October 55)
Maj. Gen. F. S. Bowen Oct (55 - May 56)
Maj. Gen. Thomas L. Sherburne Jr. (May 56 - March 58)
Maj. Gen. William C. Westmoreland (April 58 - June 60)
Maj. Gen. Ben Harrell (June 60 - July 61)
Maj. Gen. C.W.G. Rich (July 61 - February 63)
Maj. Gen. Harry H. Critz (February 63 - March 64)
Maj. Gen. Beverly E. Powell (March 64 - March 66)
Maj. Gen. Ben Sternberg (March 66 - July 67)
Maj. Gen. Olinto M. Barsanti (July 67 - July 68)
Maj. Gen. Melvin Zais (July 68 - May 69)
Maj. Gen. John M. Wright (May 69 - May 70)
Maj. Gen. John J. Hennessey (May 70 - February 71)
Maj. Gen. Thomas M. Tarpley (Feb. 71 - April 72)
Maj. Gen. John H. Cushman (April 72 - August 73)
Maj. Gen. Sidney B. Berry (August 73 - July 74)
Maj. Gen. John W. McEnery (August 74 - February 76)
Maj. Gen. John A. Wickham Jr. (March 76 - March 78)
Maj. Gen. John N. Brandenburg (March 78 - June 80)
Maj. Gen. Jack V. Mackmull (June 80 - August 81)
Maj. Gen. Charles W. Bagnal (August 81 - August 83)
Maj. Gen. James E. Thompson (August 83 - June 85)
Maj. Gen. Burton D. Patrick (June 85 - May 87)
Maj. Gen. Teddy G. Allen (May 87 - August 89)
Maj. Gen. John Miller (August 89 - October 90)
Maj. Gen. J.H. Binford Peay III (October 90 - June 93)
Maj. Gen. John M. Keane (June 93 - February 96)
Maj. Gen. William F. "Buck" Kernan (February 96 - February 98)
Maj. Gen. Robert T. Clark (February 98 - June 2000)
Maj. Gen. Richard A. Cody (June 2000 - July 02)
Maj. Gen. David H. Petraeus (July 02 - May 04)
Maj. Gen. Thomas R. Turner II (May 04 - November 06)
Maj. Gen. Jeffrey J. Schloesser (November 06 - July 09)
Maj. Gen. John F. Campbell (July 2009 August 2011)
Maj. Gen. James McConville (August 2011 present)

101st AB Division Assignments in the ETO :

22 January 1944: VIII Corps, but attached to First Army.
13 March 1944: First Army.
6 June 1944: VII Corps, First Army.
June 1944: VIII Corps.
15 July 1944: Ninth Army.
12 August 1944: XVIII (Abn) Corps, First Allied (Abn) Army.
18 September 1944: First Allied (Abn) Army, but attached to the British XXX Corps, British Second Army.
21 September 1944: British I (Abn) Corps.
23 September 1944: British VIII Corps.
28 September 1944: British XII Corps.
9 November 1944: First Allied (Abn) Army, but attached to the Canadian II Corps, Canadian First Army.
17 December 1944: First Allied (Abn) Army, but attached to the VIII Corps, Third Army, 12th Army Group.
26 December 1944: III Corps.
29 December 1944: VIII Corps.
19 January 1945: First Allied (Abn) Army, but attached to the Third Army, 12th Army Group.
20 January 1945: First Allied (Abn) Army, but attached to the XV Corps, Seventh Army, 6th Army Group.
26 January 1945: VI Corps.
28 February 1945: XVIII (Abn) Corps, First Allied (Abn) Army.
1 April 1945: First Allied (Abn) Army, but attached to the XXII Corps, Fifteenth Army, 12th Army Group.
6 April 1945: First Allied (Abn) Army, but attached to the 12th Army Group.
17 April 1945: First Allied (Abn) Army, but attached to the Seventh Army, 6th Army Group.
23 April 1945: VI Corps.
4 May 1945: XXI Corps.

HEADQUARTERS Locations During WW2 (ETO):


1943 September - Liverpool / Newbury - England
1944 July - Newbury - England

NORMANDY - June 1944:

1944 June 6th - Hiesville - France
1944 June 12th - Carentan - France
1944 June 27th - St. Saveur le Vicomte - France
1944 June 29th - Cherbourg - France

MARKET GARDEN - September 1944:

1944 September 17th - Zon - The Netherlands
1944 September 20th - St Oedenrode - The Netherlands
1944 September 24th - Veghel - The Netherlands
1944 October 5th - Slijk Ewijk (The Island)- The Netherlands

1944 December 1st - Mourmelon - France

BATTLE OF THE BULGE - December 1944:

1944 December 18th - Mande St-Etienne - Belgium
1944 December 19th - Bastogne - Belgium
1945 January 7th - Isle-le-Pre - Belgium
1945 January 21th - Drulingen - Germany
1945 January 25th - Hochfelden - Germany

1945 February (late)- Mourmelon - France

GERMANY - April 1945:

1945 April 1st - Glehn - Germany
1945 April 24th - Wurttemberg - Germany
1945 April 27th - Memmingen - Germany
1945 May - Miesbach - Germany

'S' and 'G' Ranks Table within the Regiment & Division:

S 1 (one) = Regimental Personnel Officer or Adjutant
S 2 (two) = Regimental Intelligence Officer
S 3 (three) = Regimental Operations Officer
S 4 (four) = Regimental Supply Officer

G 1 (one) = Divisions Personnel Officer or Adjutant
G 2 (two) = Divisions Intelligence Officer
G 3 (three) = Divisions Operations Offcier
G 4 (four) = Divisions Supply Officer


Commanding General : Maxwell D. Taylor
Assistant Commanding : Brigadier General Don F. Pratt (KIA 6 June 1944)
Chief of Staff : Colonel Gerald J. Higgins
Assistant Chief of Staff : G-1 Lt Col. Ned D. Moore
Assistant Chief of Staff, G-2 Major Arthur M. Sommerfield
Major Paul A. Danahy (From 7 July 1944)
Assistant Chief of Staff : G-3 Major Lawrence Legere (WIA 6 June 1944)
Assistant Chief of Staff : G-3 Lt Col. Raymond D. Millener
Lt Col. Harold W. Hannah (From 1 July 1944)
Assistant Chief of Staff : G-4 Lt Col. Carl W. Kohls
Assistant Chief of Staff, G-5 Major Glen C. Eberle
Major Charles H. Stephens (From 18 June)
Adjutant General : Lt Col. Edward Schmitt
Air Officer : Lt Col. William F. Stewart
Chaplain : Lt Col. Louis R. Goodrich
Engineer Officer : Lt Col. John C. Pappas (KIA 13 June)
Lt Col. Hugh A. Mozley (From 13 June)
Finance Officer : Lt Col. William P. Machemehl
Judge Avocate : Lt Col. Trueman E. O'Quinn
Military Government Officer : Major Robert S. Smith
Ordnance Officer : Lt Col. Roger W. Parkinson
Postal Officer : Captain Joseph F. Noonan
Public Relations Officer : 1st/Lt. John H. Shumaker, Jr
Quartermaster Officer : Major Charles J. Rich
Signal Officer : Lt Col. Sidney S. Davis
Surgeon : Lt Col. David Gold
Headquarters Commandant : Major J. T. Nelson

101st Pathfinder Co (Provisional) WW2 ETO:

CO : Captain Frank L. Lillyman

501st Parachute Infantry Rgt WW2 ETO:

CO : Colonel Howard R. Johnson
Rgt Hq Co : Captain William G. Burd
Rgt Service Co : Captain William H. Butler

1/501st : Lt Col. Robert C. Caroll (KIA 6 June 1944)
Lt Col. Harry W. O. Kinnard (From 8 June)
Hq Co : Captain John W. Simmons
A Co : Captain William W. Paty, Jr (WIA, POW 7 June 1944)
B Co : Captain Loyal Bogart (KIA 11 June 1944)
1st/Lt. Ian M. Hamilton (From 11 June)
C Co : Captain Robert H. "Hawk" Philips

2/501st : Lt Col. Robert A. Ballard
Hq Co : Captain Edmund Rhett
D Co: 1st/Lt. Bill E. Osborn
E Co : Captain Donald A. Brown
F Co : Captain Sam N. Homan

3/501st : Lt Col. Julian J. Ewell
Hq Co : 1st/Lt. Jack F. Thornton
G Co : 1st/Lt. Vernon Kraeger (WIA)
1st/Lt. Norman M. Baker
H Co : Captain Felix W. Stanley
I Co : Captain Richard E. Hotchkiss (KIA 6 June 1944)
Captain Claude J. Wallace, Jr

501 PIR Regimental Chaplain : Captain Francis L. Sampson (POW 19/12/1944)

502nd Parachute Infantry Rgt WW2 ETO:

CO : Colonel George Moseley (WIA 6 June 1944)
CO : Lt Col. John H. Michaelis (From 9 June)
Rgt S-3 : Lt. Col. Allen W. Ginder
Assistant S-3 : Captain Henry G. Plitt
Rgt S-2 : Captain George A. Buker
Assistant S-2 : 1st Lt. Robert G. Pick
Adjutant and Liaison Officer : Captain Evans C. Thornton
Munitions Officer : Captain Carl E. Trimble
Communications Officer : Captain Ivan G. Phillips
Regimental Chaplain : Captain Raymond S. Hall
Regimental Chaplain : Captain Joseph A. Andrejewski
POW Interrogator : Lt. Col. Allen W. Ginder
Rgt Hq Co : Captain Rudolph M. Jones
Rgt Hq Co S2 assistant Pfc Richard M. Ladd
Rgt Service Co : Captain Eldia R. Haire

1/502 : Lt Col. Patrick F. Cassidy
1/502 XO : Major Thomas H. Sutliffe
1/502 Adjutant : 1st Lt. Sidney R. Clary
1/502 S-4 : 1st Lt. Joseph F. Snecinski
1/502 S-3 & Hq Co : Captain James J. Hatch
1/502 S-2 : 2nd Lt. E. E. Gideon
A Co : Captain Richard L. Davidson (KIA 6 June 1944)
1st/Lt. Wallace A. Swanson (From 6 June)
B Co : Captain Cleveland R. Fitzgerald (WIA 6 June 1944)
C Co : Captain Fred A. Hancock

2/502nd : Lt Col. Steve A. Chappuis
2/502 XO : Captain Carlton P. Chandler
2/502 Adjutant : 1st Lt. Hugh O. Roberts
2/502 S-4 : 1st Lt. John G. Callinan
2/502 S-3 : Captain Frank D. Hanlon
2/502 S-2 : 1st Lt. Glen E. Johnson
Hq Co : Captain James Roy Martin, Jr
2nd Bat S4: Major J.W. Vaughan
D Co : Captain William A. Bolton (WIA)
E Co : 1st/Lt. Fred O. Drennan
F Co : Captain Legrand K. Johnson

3/502nd : Lt Col. Robert G. Cole (MOH for action in Normandy)
3/502 XO : Major John P. Stopka
3/502 Adjutant : 1st Lt. Ralph A. Watson Jr.
3/502 S-4 : 1st Lt. James V. Cauley
3/502 S-3 : Captain Edward J. Barrett
3/502 S-2 : 1st Lt. Ralph B. Gehauf
Hq Co : Captain Raymond T. Smith
G Co : Captain Robert L. Clements (WIA 11 June 1944)
H Co : Captain Cecil L. Simmons
H Co : Pfc Joe E. Mann (MOH for action in The Netherlands)
I Co : Captain Ivan R. Hershner, Jr

506th Parachute Infantry Rgt WW2 ETO:

CO : Colonel Robert F. Sink
Rgt Hq Co : Captain Edward A. Peters (KIA 6 June 1944)
Rgt Service Co : Captain George L. Barton III

1/506th : Lt Col. William L. Turner (KIA 7 June 1944)
Lt Col. James L. LaPrade (From 7 June)
Hq Co : Captain Lloyd E. Patch
A Co : Captain Melvin O. Davis
B Co : Captain Clovis Y. Tollett
C Co : Captain Knut H. Raudstein (WIA)

2/506th : Lt Col. Robert L. Strayer
Hq Co : Captain Lloyd J. Cox
Hq S2 : Lt Lewis Nixon
D Co : Captain Jerre S. Grosse (KIA 8 June 1944)
1st/Lt. Joseph F. McMillan (From 8 June)
E Co : Lt (Capt) H.M. Sobel - transferred to Chilton Foliat Jumpschool prior to D-Day
1st Lt Thomas Meehan III - Prior to D-Day - (KIA 6 June 1944 - Flight #66 crash)
1st Lt (Major) Richard Dick Winters (From 6 June)
F Co : Captain Thomas P. Mulvey
F Co : Lt. Andrew E. Tuck (XO after Normandy) (Killed in Car accident in Austria)
3/506th : Lt Col. Robert L. Wolverton (KIA 6 June 1944)
Captain Robert F. Harwick (Acting 9 June)
Major Oliver M. Horton (From June) KIA 5-10-44
G Co : Captain Harold Van Antwerp (KIA 6 June 1944)
Captain Joseph B. Doughty (From 6 June)
H Co : Captain Robert F. Harwick (POW)
1st/Lt. Richard P. Meason (From 7 June)
I Co : Captain John T. McKnight (POW)

327th Glider Infantry Rgt WW2 ETO:

CO : Colonel George S. Wear
CO : Colonel Joseph Harper (From 10 June)
Rgt Service Co : Captain William Webb

1/327th : Lt Col. Hartford T. Salee (WIA)
A Co : Captain Joseph B. Johnson
B Co : Captain Robert B. Trenner (KIA)
C Co : Captain Robert B.Galbraith

2/327th : Colonel Thomas J. Rouzie
E Co : Captain Ira E. Hamblin (KIA 12 June 1944)
Captain Robert H. Lemon (From 12 June)
F Co : Captain James F. Adams
G Co : 1st Lt. R. Hugh Evans

3/327th (1/401st) : Lt Col. Ray C. Allen
(1st battalion 401st Glider Infantry Regiment acted as 3rd Battallion 327th Glider Infantry Regiment)
Hq Co : Captain Joe S. Brewster
A Co : Captain Eldridge Naugher (KIA 13 June 1944)
Captain Taze R. Huntley
B Co : Captain Robert J. McDonald
C Co : Captain Preston E. Towns

101st Division Artillery WW2 ETO:

CO : Brigadier General Anthony C. McAuliffe
Hq Btry : Captain Williekneff

81st Airborne AA Bn WW2 ETO:

CO : Major X. B. Cox, Jr
A Btry : Captain Thomas Moran
B Btry : Captain Alphonse Gueymard
C Btry : Captain William S. Lockman
D Btry : Captain William G. Joe
E Btry : Captain Gene B. Ganier
F Btry : Captain Robert L. Jackson

321st Glider FA Bn WW2 ETO:

CO : Lt Col. Edward L. Carmichael
HQ Btry : Capt. John M. Fuller

377th Parachute FA Bn WW2 ETO:

CO : Lt Col. Benjamin Weisberg
Hq & Service Btry : Captain Charles E. Knight
A Btry : Captain Charles D. Aldrich
B Btry : Captain Grover C. Robinson
C Btry : Captain Marion A. Parrott
D Btry : Captain Fred C. Culpepper, Jr

463rd Parachute Field Artillery Battalion (December 1944)

CO : Lt Col. John T Cooper

907th Glider FA Bn WW2 ETO:

CO : Lt Col. Clarence F. Nelson
HQ Btry : 1st Lt Gerald Taylor

101st Airborne Signal Co WW2 ETO:

CO : 1st/Lt. William H. Breen, Jr

326th Airborne Medical Co WW2 ETO:

CO : Major William Barfield

326th Airborne Engineer Bn WW2 ETO:

CO : Lt Col. John C. Pappas (KIA 13 June)
CO : Lt Col. Hugh A. Mozley (from 13 June 1944)

Hq & Service Co : Captain Walter W. Hogrefe
A Co : Captain Jack L. Rogers
B Co : Captain Donald H. Froemke
C Co : Captain Francis Liberatori
Lt William Hannon

801st Airborne Ordnance WW2 ETO:

101st Military Police Platoon WW2 ETO:

426th Airborne Quartermaster Company WW2 ETO:

CO : Lt Col. Charles J. Rich

Asst. Quartermaster : Maj. Roland O. Linker
CO's : Captain George W. Horn
CO's : Captain Joe W. Mongold
CO's -- : Captain Ralph R. Frederick

101st Counter Intelligence Corps Detachment WW2 ETO:

101st Divisional Band (assigned in 1 Mar 45 reorganization)


Pictures courtesy of: D.C. van den Bogert - Paratrooper Research Team - National Archives - WWW Public Domain
Special Thanks to: Michel DeTrez - Michel Clements - Ian Gardner - Mark Bando - Jake Powers - Terry Poyser