Cauquigny Church History

Cauquigny Church - June 2012
Cauquigny Church - June 2012

I would personally like to thank those who have sponsored this project,
straight from the beginning (2009). Cerificates have been awarded to:

Mr. Maurice Gidon - Mayor of Gourbesville - France (passed away in October 2009)

Mme. Renée Duval - Picauville - France
Mr. Michel Revert - Montebourg - France
Mme. Therese Ledoux - Hiesville - France
Mr. Olivier Bigot - Remilly sur Lozon - France
Mr. & Mme. Joseph Goubert - St. Marcouf - France
Henri & Véronique Dupont - Ste. Marie du Mont - France
Mlle. Aurelie Godefroy - Les Pavillons Sous Bois - France
Yves et Chantal Poisson - La Fiere - Ste-Mère-Église - France

John McLachlan - USA
Juerg Herzig - Switserland
Reg Jans - Heusden - Belgium
Dave Mustow - United Kingdom
Steven Ward - Cincinnati OH - USA
Boy Eysbroek - Amsterdam - The Netherlands
Sophia van den Bogert - IJsselstein - The Netherlands
Julia - Isis (Houten) - Nona - Levi (Zeist) - The Netherlands
Greet & Henk Freen - Wijk bij Duurstede - The Netherlands
Jeanne - Esther - Mitchell - Nico Jongeneel - The Netherlands
Fedor Tieleman - Mirjam Vosmeer - Rhenen - The Netherlands
Dex, Dakota & Christopher van den Bogert - Maarssen - The Netherlands

Carl Hororo & Stan Ortman in the name of Don Burgett - Indianapolis IN - USA

Liberty Jump Team - Jill and Dominique Launay - Fort Worth TX - USA
Original Band of Brothers & Sisters - La Fiere / Ste-Mère-Eglise - France
Randy Lewellen - Dick O'Donnell - Dion Murphy - The Timmes Sisters - Kelly Carrigg
B&B à la Bataille de La Fière - Rodolphe and Vivian Roger - Ste-Mère-Église - France
Association U. S. Normandie Mémoire et gratitude - President Daniel Briard - Amfreville - France

The persons above have all donated at least 50 dollars. Some have donated 200 to 400 dollars!

Like Sophia and I, almost none of the above could make it to the Inauguration of this Window.
Fortunately many who were critics, and negative about the project, were there, without ever
contributing anything positive, to this project. Glad this window will outlive all of us.

To me this Window is dedicated to men like Earl, Bob, Marcus, James and Bill