We adopted the grave of Sergeant James W. Brodie decades ago.

Now we can finally show you a photo of this man, who gave his life for our freedom.

Sergeant James W. Brodie was buried at the (temporary) Cemetery at Zon, on September 22, 1944, four days after he was killed in action.
We found the original Quarter Master Grave Registration form No. 2 (Weekly report of Burials No. 107 - November 11th, 1944).
The remains of James W. Brodie were transferred to the ABMC Netherlands (Margraten) Cemetery, later.

Visiting James W. Brodie in all seasons. He is not forgotten. Lest we ever Forget!

Paratrooper Research Team - Faces Beyond the Graves - Sergeant James W. Brodie - D-Company - 502nd PIR - 101st A/B Division