Research of original Documents, Maps & Eyewitness Statements were the main essential feeds of the Para Research Team (c)
Over the years we've specialised in WWII presentations, Tours & Research (books/maps/paperwork and 'hands on' in the Field)
During the past decades we have visited many WWII Battleground locations: again and again, often with the WWII veterans...
There is still enough 'untold History' out there, waiting to be un-earthened by our dedicated crew of Researchers and Trackers.
We operate with the support of men that jumped into our country in '44. The results of our findings are published on this website.
Our field-searches are conducted with great care and with strict procedures, after intensive research of our documents and maps.

Pictures of unearthened items are also donated to the PRT, sometimes by sources (& locations) who choose to remain anonymous.

In this Menu we want to present you some of these dug-up relics.
You will see History as if you were there in the fields yourself.


-- 2009 Finds at various locations in Normandy --

Our Field searches are conducted with the permission of the proper field owners.
Grounds are always returned in the exact state as before the field search started.
Searches are executed with the greatest of care and (p)reservations. No jackasses.
An expert is always on site. History rocks but you do not want to be blown into it!

Paratrooper Research Team - Field Research